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Houston Community College | Instructor | Galleria Campus

January, 1995 to July, 1999

Taught several courses on Adobe Photoshop. For their midterms the students had to interpret a song of their choice as a photo-montage. The final project was also thematic. One class had to build a montage that was a literal or metaphorical answer to a question of their choice. Another final required students to create a composition that was their interpretation of one of the seven deadly sins.

Taught one course on advanced Adobe Photoshop. The class covered retouching for press. Students had group critiques for their midterm and final.

Taught several courses on writing HTML and designing web sites. For their final group project, students built a web site for a non-profit group or redesigned an existing web site. In 1997, the web site for Camp For All designed by one class received a Bronze medal at the 1997 Art Directors Club of Houston Show. The class for the Fall of 1998 built a site for Houston Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association.

Taught one course on Quark Xpress. The final project was a multi-page brochure.

Taught one course on the Macintosh computer and troubleshooting software and hardware problems on the platform.

University of Houston | Instructor | College of Architecture

January to May, 1995

Taught two courses on the Internet and the world wide web. Students updated the web site for the College of Architecture and created their own pages.

Kingwood Community College | Instructor | Continuing Education

February to March, 1995

Taught one four-week course on Adobe Photoshop.

Houston Community College | Instructor | Westgate Campus

September to December, 1994

Taught two sessions of a class that was an introduction to desktop publishing. The course began with an overview of the Macintosh and ended with the students using Pagemaker to produce documents.

Museum of Natural History | Volunteer | Washington, D.C.

Summer 1988 to Summer 1991

Volunteer docent at the Naturalist Center and the Discovery Room.

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