Your project is important.


LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a green building rating system. This project was part of the pilot program and is the first home in the Houston Area to receive a LEED rating. The ICF building system along with solar electric panels gives this home great energy efficiency. » view project


This simple little house has great curb appeal. No one would ever guess it was once a tear down. After a low budget remodel that focused on quality design and energy efficiency this home has a new lease on life. Check out the before and after photos! » view project

Solar Home

This home features three different solar systems, photovoltaic, hot water and a solar pool heater. The geothermal air conditioning system uses ground temperature to cool and heat. Built in 2002, this project was ahead of its time. It was featured on the National Solar Tour and the Bellaire Home Tour. » view project

Reinvented Ranch

Remodeling the 1950’s or 60’s ranch is a favorite project. This prevalent home type comes with its own set of challenges. When done well, an ordinary home can become something extremely livable and stylish. Before and after photos give a glimpse at the incredible opportunities for a fresh look. » view project

Jewel Box

Some projects are all about quality over quantity. Careful attention to detailing and luxurious finishes creates a dynamic living space within a 1,200 s.f. high rise unit. » view project

Classic Addition

Integrity is the goal for every addition project. The new work should compliment and add value to the existing home. Some projects call for a continuation of the homes original style, while others prompt us to consider something a bit unexpected. » view project

Your Vision

Your project is important. It’s your dream made real. When you work with RD Architecture you’ll be actively engaged in a spirited collaboration. Together we’ll be forward thinking. We will embrace your goals and priorities. And we’ll focus on design concepts that complement your lifestyle, your needs, the community and the planet itself.