About Us

Allied Technology provides engineered process systems and field services from the well head to inside the refinery fence. We service the upstream, midstream and downstream segments in oil and gas production equipment and services. Our broad range of products and geographical locations positions Allied Technology as a process system specialist to the Oil & Gas service industry.


Upstream Market
Allied Technology designs and manufactures surface production and process equipment, and provides field services for the upstream market. Our subsidiary companies, housed under Allied Production Solutions, provide the necessary technology, experience, manpower, and equipment to complete any job.

Midstream Market
Allied Technology provides equipment and services in the metering and measurement of liquids and gas.

Downstream Market
Allied Technology provides field construction and maintenance services, and manufactures engineered processing equipment and systems for the downstream market. Our subsidiary company, Certified Technical Services, offers on-site construction services for capital projects and maintenance activities in petrochemical plants and refineries. Certified also manufactures engineered process systems skids used in a variety of onshore and offshore applications.