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Our broad product range is supported by an industry leading set of well site preparation services, delivery, hook-up and custom packaging for unique applications. From demanding urban locations to cold weather service, Allied Technology can provide the right products, people, packaging and services to reduce cost and ensure quick production.

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Part of Allied Technology’s strategy is to offer turn-key systems that include products, packaging, site preparation and hook up. Our goal is to ensure the safest, quickest and most cost-effective solution to allow customers to begin rapid production at the well site.

A client in Oklahoma recently contracted Allied Technology to provide a turn-key installation on a dual wellhead pad site that included site preparation, delivery and hook up of 4 storage tanks, 2 horizontal separators, and all related piping and hook-up from the wellhead to the tank battery to the pipeline. Previously the client had to manage multiple contractors and product suppliers, site preparation services, delivery services, and roustabout services. Not only did this multiple contractor approach take significant management and administrative time, it also resulted in lengthy delays in coordination to complete the hook up and begin production.

A typical job under the multiple contractor approach on a dual wellhead pad site had been averaging 8-10 days to complete, if all of the suppliers were well coordinated. Allied Technology assumed total project responsibility for the job, completed all requirements in 36 hours and delivered the client one invoice for all services and products. A time savings of 5-6.5 days, which translated into significant additional income for the client as gas production, started so much sooner with Allied Technology as the turn-key supplier.

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Installation start

+1 hour

+2 hours

+3 hours

+4 hours

+4 hours

+5 hours

+5 hours

+6 hours

+7 hours

+7 hours

Installation completion


Allied Production Solutions (APS), through its Titan Tanks and Vessels business unit, was awarded a turn-key contract by Rising Star Energy, LLC., to provide storage tanks, separators and to do all of the required installation and hook up of the separator and the tanks. APS is unique among our competitors in our ability to provide both equipment and installation through our company crews as a single source so that delays are minimized and production is initiated as soon as possible. The photos illustrate our roustabout and installation progress from arriving at the site until hook up was completed. The entire installation and hook up of the tank battery and separator took only 7.5 hours resulting in reduced time for the client to recognize revenue from production. Quality equipment, delivery and rapid turnkey installation services separate APS from our competitors.