Measurement and Monitoring

Crude Oil Custody Meter Skid
for Petrobras FPSO - Brazil

Prover Tank for Petrobras FPSO - Brazil

Meter Train Addition to Existing Meter Station
for KBR - Algeria

Meter & Prover Skid for Benton Vinccler
- Venezuela

Pipeline Piston Pipe Prover for ExxonMobil - USA


Located in Pasadena, Texas, the Maintenance Mechanical Division of Certified Technical Services performs complete design and fabrication services for a wide range of liquid and gas measurement systems as well as field support services for commissioning. Maintenance Mechanical, in operation for over 65 years, offers a complete range of customized engineered equipment packages for metering and proving skids.

Equipment designed and fabricated by Maintenance Mechanical is in use world wide for offshore platforms, pipeline stations, loading and unloading terminal facilities, and refineries. Typical product offerings include:

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